What are the benefits of being an Oriflame Thailand Consultant?

Becoming an Oriflame Thailand Consultant is very easy — Seize the opportunity with Oriflame!

Due to the remarkable flexibility of Oriflame Consultant’s schedule, it fits into any person’s lifestyle. Regardless if you are looking to earn some extra cash, enjoy financial independence or turn it into a full time business, Oriflame is ideal for you! No matter if you are a part-time or fulltime employee, working from home, self employed, if you’re a young student, a retired old man, or even a parent at home with your kids. You can work whenever you want and best of all — you have no boss!

Oriflame Thailande

You decide how big your paycheck will be each month — it’s up to you how much money you earn. It is all based on how much time and work you invest in it. As you enjoy our unique cosmetic products, you’ll meet many different people making new friends. You might even get an opportunity to travel worldwide, taking part in high profile meetings and being awarded and recognized for your achievements and results.

You will also have the chance for professional growth via events and trainings — the majority of which are totally free! You will constantly learn about fashion and beauty trends without having to spend any money.

As a new Oriflame Thailand Consultant you’ll have a more knowledgeable consultant as your instructor, assisting and guiding you. Your instructor will tell you about Oriflame and help you learn all the required information you’ll need to start your own career.

Who should start a business as Oriflame Thailand Consultant?


If you wish to save some cash on your families’ purchases, earn extra money or even build a business, Oriflame is a wonderful path to take. You choose how far you wish to go — we will support you throughout your journey.


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